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MAD Ministries

Making a Difference

In our personal lives
In our families lives
In our community
In our world
Through Jesus Christ

MAD Ministries is CCW's teen youth group. Through the years it has fluctuated from a few teens to many teens to few teens and back again. The one constant that remains is that we have stayed focused on God's Word and our Lord and Savior Jesus.


MAD Ministries began years ago when a group of adults took the challenge of ministering to and with teenagers. Norm Wilson the leader of the group has taken people into a deeper relationship with Jesus and also many adventures through the years. Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Paddleboarding, Street Ministry, Community Service and many other dynamic times together.


Helping Minister with Norm are Susan Johnson and Betsy Ponciano.


If you are a teenager and would like to join us you are more than welcome to come to Calvary Chapel Westwood on Wednesday Evening.

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