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In John 13 Jesus washes the disciples feet and gives an illustration of service to others. He points out that we will be blessed if we know this and actually live our lives this way. This is the attitude here at CCW. An attitude of "Agape" (intellectually, intelligently willing the best for others).
Service Times


8:30 AM-Intercessory Prayer

This is a time of gathering together to pray for who and what the Lord lays on our hearts.

9:00 AM-Morning Bible Study

This is an interactive time led by our Associate Pastor as he leads us through a Book of The Bible.

10:00 AM-Morning Worship Service

Our main service of Worshiping the Lord and a study of a Book of the Bible.


5:00 PM-Evening Intecessory Prayer

Our evening time of prayer.

6:00 PM-Evening Worship Service

Our evening time of Worship and study of the Word of God.





This Week


This Week is our regular service schedule.


"Pray Without Ceasing"

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Prayer is an integral part of our ministry here at CCW. We have intercessory prayer before every service and everyone is welcome to join us.


If you have a prayer request or a praise to the Lord let us know and we will definitely lift it up to the Lord.

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